4 Benefits of Outdoor Water Fountains

One of the best ways to enhance your yard or garden is by adding a water fountain. In addition to being a decorative accessory, they also serve the purpose of improving our health and well-being. Here are four benefits you can enjoy when you add a water fountain to your outdoor living space.

A gorgeous backyard landscape can be enhanced with the serenity created by outdoor water features.

The sound of water blocks road noise

Your backyard should be a peaceful oasis where you and your family can unwind after a long day. However, if you live in any type of urban environment, this personal haven is increasingly difficult to come by. Whether it’s traffic noise, or neighborhood kids playing in the street, intrusive sounds can disrupt your peaceful outdoor space. Installing a water fountain can help combat this. The trickling sound of water creates a feeling of peace and tranquility, while also drowning out unpleasant noises.

If you live near high trafficked areas or nearby a local highway, you can hear the sounds of vehicles whizzing by just by taking a glance at this photo. Adding a fountain in your backyard can help quiet the excess noise.

Outdoor fountains add beautiful décor

A well-designed water feature can elevate your landscaping and add instant beauty to your outdoor space. With fountains coming in many different colors, sizes and shapes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to fit your unique style. Your garden can become a living art gallery with one of our geometric style fountains, or you can keep it timeless with a beautiful vase fountain.

Tree Outdoor Water Fountain

The Gist Outdoor Water Fountain has a beautiful tree embossed in concrete and it’s available in over 10+ different unique finishes.

Water features invite wildlife to your outdoor space

Another major benefit of water fountains is the wildlife that they help attract, such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Wildlife seek out these sources of flowing water, boosting the visual beauty and appearance of your outdoor space. Inviting wildlife into your yard also creates great entertainment for your family and visitors.

Water features can attract natural wildlife to your backyard

Flowing water can improve your health and well-being

One of the biggest factors that puts a strain on our mental health is stress. The addition of a water fountain can reduce everyday stress and lower blood pressure, by creating a soothing and peaceful place for you to relax.

Water fountains are available in many unique designs to create the aura that you’re looking to create in your outdoor space. Pictured here is a Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain, available with optional auto-fill regulator.

Additionally, water fountains work as natural air purifiers, attracting and removing toxins from the air. Air is comprised of positive and negative ions, but when the air contains too many positive ions (such as those coming from electronics), we tend to have lower energy and mood levels. Evidence has shown that flowing water can produce negative ions, resulting in improved health and well-being.

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