Boost Your Business with Corporate Custom Logo Fountains

Ready to take your business to the next level by impressing clients, and creating a welcoming atmosphere? If so, then it’s time to take your branding strategy and show it off to the world with a custom logo fountain. Let’s dig into how water fountains work in a multitude of ways for you and your clients.

Art as Advertisement
Most people do not think much about the artwork they take in every day. It’s all around us from the music on the radio to the artwork on the boxes at the grocery stores. We simply absorb it and guess what? We remember that art! When customers are waiting for service at your business would you rather they look at a generic poster or a beautiful art work that they’ll remember?

A customized water fountain is the answer for your business’ branding needs. Your logo will be plainly displayed where customers will want to look. Customers will be mesmerized by the splashing water, shiny marble, and beautiful details, and your logo will be right in the center of it. Customize a water fountain for your business from the style to colorway. Your unique fountain will enhance and beautify your lobby, office, or waiting room while advertising to potential clients. Win. Win. Win.

Atmospheric Balance
In decorating your business, you want the space to feel both welcoming and professional. Things like clutter, dark colors, and lack of comforting touches can make customers and guests feel unwelcome. Take inspiration from the Chinese principle of Feng Shui, which calls for a balance in energy within your environment. According to Feng Shui, energy moves through water, even in buildings! Thus, a water fountain provides balance to your office’s internal energy.

Since we live in such a busy world, it’s vitally important to take the time for peace and quiet each day. A moment sitting by the water fountain can provide that peace. For offices near highways or in busy shopping centers, water fountains mask the excess noise with a pleasant pink noise.

White noise is the term we hear most often for basic, repetitive sounds like television static or humming vacuum cleaners, but the lower toned pink noise of a water fountain are more beneficial. Pink noise is more relaxing and inviting, creating a more tranquil atmosphere for your business.

Invisible Health Benefits
In addition to the pink noise that water fountains provide, water fountains can provide stress relief in an office environment. Place your custom logo fountain in a central area, or in a waiting room for your guests and customers to enjoy. Did you know that watching water fountains is like mini-vacation for your brain? Much like watching fish swim in a tank, watching water splash and tumble in the fountain helps your brain relax, releasing tension in your muscles. This leads to clearer thinking, lessened fatigue, and even lower blood pressure! Adding a soothing fountain to your business’ space can benefit both employees and customers.

In air conditioned buildings full of electronics and people, positive ions tend to be higher. Constantly working in high positive ion environment can lead to general fatigue and even mood problems. The flowing water of a fountain works to attract positive ions, releasing negative ions into the air. During the summer, the A/C is cranked up, so the inside air tends to be dry and cold. Water fountains add a bit of comfortable humidity to the air. Prevent summer sniffles and soothe allergies with an attractive water fountain. The benefits of a custom water fountain are endless

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