Brand Spotlight: Adagio Water Features

Looking for something to add sparkle and pizazz to your backyard or outdoor space? At, we love sharing our favorite fountains and brands with our customers, like Adagio Water Features. Adagio Water Features has been in the business since 2001, crafting stunning water features for their customers from high quality materials. Unlike many competitors that use parts from all over, each Adagio Water Feature is designed, built, and carefully packaged for shipping in Utah. Customization is at the foundation of what we do! We’re proud to offer Adagio Water Features with our signature pricing!

Custom Features

From pebble selection to trim style, Adagio Water Features offers the freedom of choice to their customers. Size and style should be your first consideration—always measure the space you want to fit with a water feature more than once. You want enough space to be able to enjoy the fountain without feeling overcrowded. Adagio Water Features carries floor fountains, wall fountains, and multi-panel fountains ideal for larger spaces.

Once you’ve selected the Adagio Water Feature for you, the next step is looking at all the fun custom options. To see all the different stone and surfaces, click on your favorite Adagio Water Features model and browse through the options. Be sure to keep your custom logo in mind when picking a stone/surface. Trim style, finish, and hood covers are next. Lights, pebbles, and other extras are the finishing touches. Once you’ve made all your selections, your custom Adagio Water Feature will be built and shipped to you! Shipping is always on us!

Our Favorite Adagio Water Features

Solitude River Wall Fountain

Solitude River

This three-paneled rock wall fountain commands attention. At 78” wide by 69’ high, the Solitude is ideal for large spaces in your home, office, or business. The Solitude brings beauty, serenity, and nature’s purity into any space. Choose from a variety of exclusive options to create your own unique Solitude fountain. Add your business’ logo to the gorgeous stone panels to impress visitors and create a sense of belonging. The Solitude’s custom trim is finished with a durable powder coating. Installation is simple, with an EZ install bracket and only one cord to plug into the wall. Even the water system is engineered for your convenience, with a distribution system that won’t clog. The Solitude stands up to its name, bringing a sense of quiet calm wherever you place it.

Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain

Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain

Make a statement with this contemporary style glass water fountain. Standing at 96” tall, the Grandeur is one the tallest freestanding water fountains in our collection. The Grandeur features customizable glass, trim color, and even fountain surface position. Make your business stand out by adding your logo to the glass. Visitors will be so entranced by the falling water, they’ll be sure to remember your company’s logo! When The Grandeur arrives at your home or office, set up is simple with only one cord, a remote control, and a clever water system. The fully contained water system is protected by a welded plastic liner, preventing leakage and spills. Take your lobby or waiting area from basic to WOW with The Grandeur.

Summit Falls Wall Water Fountain

Summit Falls Wall Water Fountain

Imagine a peaceful, hidden water fall just for you to discover. Summit Falls is that water fall, specially made for your home or office. At 40” wide and 74” tall, Summit Falls is our largest vertical wall fountain. Each feature can be customized to fit your aesthetic, including adding your company branding. Choose from an array of beautiful stones, trim finishes, and subtle touches that will separate your Summit Falls fountain from another. Completely contained and easy to assemble, Summit Falls quickly transforms a room into a quiet oasis.

There are so many reasons why we love Adagio Water Features and we can’t wait for you to love yours, too! Visit our full catalogue to browse floor fountains, wall fountains, and even outdoor fountains, and accessories. To learn more about customization options for your business, click here. Wherever you place your new Adagio Water Feature, it’s sure to shine.

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