How Water Fountains Work

While running water fountains have been existing since Ancient Rome, modern water fountains now add instant elegance and serenity to your home and garden. The Ancient Romans were able to engineer fountains using water pressure from nearby rivers, but today commercial and home water fountains rely on electricity and have their own reservoirs.

Here’s an overview of how water fountains work.

Triple Water Fountain

Reservoir Fountains

Most home fountain designs feature a reservoir for easy installation. The reservoir is the “tank” that holds water. Within the reservoir, there’s a water pump that pumps water throughout the water fountain. This is what makes the water flow in a water fountain. The pump forces water upwards to create a falling effect into a lower basin. The pump uses water pressure and tubes to force the water back into the reservoir to start the cycle over again.

The number of reservoirs and pumps in a fountain can vary, with large outdoor fountains commonly having multiple basins. To create even more dynamic effects, more tubes are used to make water flow in multiple directions in more complex fountains.

Wall and floor fountains follow a basic waterfall pattern with two shallow basins. The rate at which the water flows is determined by the flow rate valve. Some fountains have adjustable flow rate valves. This allows you to adjust the flow rate to a slow trickle that creates ambient noise or you can increase for a more rapidly flowing fountain to suit your preference.

At Custom Logo Fountains, we pre-install flow rate valves on our fountains at our warehouse, for the best functionality. Reservoir fountains use less water than line-in fountains, making them more efficient and eco-friendly.

Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop fountains work in a similar fashion to reservoir fountains, just on a smaller scale. Each tabletop fountain has its own capacity, but these little fountains are great for apartment balconies, bedrooms, and office spaces. Easy assembly and maintenance make tabletop fountains a great choice.

How to Keep Your Fountain Running Well

To keep your fountain working at its best, there are a few things you can do.

  • Remove all debris from fountain once a week ( more during bad weather)
  • Prevent algae growth by placing your outdoor fountain in the shade
  • Use distilled water in your fountain to further prevent algae growth
  • Deep clean your fountain with a stiff brush once every few months, including pump and tubing
  • Repair any leaks as soon as possible
  • If the reservoir does not have enough water in it, this can damage the pump. In the summer, its especially important to check the reservoir level frequently, due to evaporation.

Bring in the Experts

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