Indoor Water Fountain Decorating Ideas

Water fountains instantly add a bit of relaxation to any room. Explore your creativity and personal style to enhance your home’s beauty and add a bit of flair to your décor. Find what inspires you in what you already love about your water fountain and your home. Let these ideas be the starting point for your creativity.

Wall water fountain decor

5 ways to decorate your home with an indoor water fountain

#1) Bedroom Tranquility

Your bedroom should be a calm, restful place in your home. Add a fountain to a bedroom for instant touch of serenity with the sounds of flowing water and purer air quality.  Fountains can work in place of traditional humidifiers, only more attractive. Look for natural elements in a fountain for your bedroom, like polished stone, or marble backing.

Use cool toned colors to enhance relaxation and create a spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom. Avoid furniture made of steel or plastic, opting for natural wood and natural fibers for your bedding. Natural elements and colors promote serenity and help us reconnect.  Instead of a television, mount a wall fountain in your bedroom and drift off to sleep, dreaming peacefully.

#2) Statement Piece

Wow guests with an incredible fountain featuring fire effects, glistening metals, or a customizable logo. Let the first impression of your business be a good one with a stunning fountain, your company logo front and center.

In your home, a beautiful fountain is like a piece of art that needs no extra frills. Wall fountains can be used in the same manner as paintings to decorate. Keep décor minimal to let the fountain shine its brightest. A floor fountain is perfect for an entryway or a high ceilinged room, to add visual interest.

#3) Office Zen

Make the most of a home office by adding a small tabletop fountain. The fountain will provide a bit of white noise to help you concentrate better on your work. Watch the water splash gently on the rocks to get your creativity flowing.

Tabletop fountains are also perfect for teen bedrooms on homework desks and can help with anxiety. Choose a tabletop fountain featuring lighting effects to switch up lighting for different times of the day of different moods. Select a fountain style that reflects your personality to give your office your signature.

#4) Opulent Glam

Celebrate the finer things in life with a glistening metal fountain. These classic fountains sparkle and shine as the light catches on the metallic backing. Decorate an entryway table with candles, plush fabric, and trinket boxes. Keep a bowl of luxe chocolates on hand for guests to enjoy while they admire your glimmering fountain. Pair your fountain with soft, romantic furniture to create a glamorous space.

#5) Green Room

Bring the outdoors in by adding a fountain to a corner you want to add life to. Surround the fountain with live greenery and succulents, ensuring they have adequate sunlight. Water fountains can alleviate allergy symptoms and reduce stress.

Adding live plants to your home can have a similar effect. Intentionally create a relaxing environment for yourself, so that you can enjoy more of your time at home. Multiple fountains in your home, placed in bedrooms or living spaces, creates a welcoming and fresh environment year-round.

Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains offer a multitude of benefits along with adding to the beauty of your home. is proud to carry a wide selection of indoor and outdoor water fountains, for your home or business. Enjoy low prices and free shipping with every order. See our full catalogue of fountains to find a fountain that fits your home décor style perfectly.

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