The Ultimate Water Fountain Buyer’s Guide

Adding a water fountain to your home is the perfect way to add serenity and beauty. There are a few things to consider when shopping for a new fountain, including price, ease of use, and design. When shopping for a new fountain, look no further than Custom Logo  We offer the best in beautiful, affordable fountains. Use our tips to help you choose the perfect fountain.

Horizon Falls Large Lightweight Slate Wall Fountain

Horizon Falls Large Lightweight Slate Wall Fountain

Types of Fountains

  • Floor fountains Versatile and sophisticated, floor fountains add beauty to an open space. Floor fountains vary in height, so be sure to measure first.
  • Wall fountains are mounted directly on the wall, perfect for bedrooms and offices.
  • Outdoor fountains are created to be as durable as they are beautiful. Concrete outdoor fountains can be placed in the garden for visual interest.
  • Custom Logo Fountains Add a custom logo to many of our most popular wall and floor fountains for a stunning first impression.
  • Tabletop fountains Ideal for smaller spaces, tabletop fountains offer the same soothing benefits on a smaller scale.


A water fountain is a statement piece, so look for something that suits your personal style. Keep it crisp and modern with a glass fountain or go glam with a metallic, mirrored fountain. Natural stone fountains enhance feelings of tranquility and go well with greenery. Different finish options allow you to choose a fountain that complements your existing décor. Place a glass floor fountain on your patio to create a mystical effect.

Express your creativity with geometric fountain designs. Our outdoor fountain collection features classic and whimsical designs, there’s something for everyone!

Special Features

To truly wow guests and family, look for unique special features, such as a built in fire fountain. LED lights are another popular feature. These lights can be adjusted to create a cozy glow.  Look for models with cool and warm toned lighting to create mood lighting.


Some fountains need an external water or electrical line. Consider this when shopping. For easy installation, all of our fountains have their own reservoirs. This means they are more eco-friendly as well! Quiet, efficient operation is reliant on the pump. We pre-install our fountains with a separate, adjustable flow-rate valve so that you can control your fountain’s flow to your liking.


When shopping for an outdoor specific fountain, you want to look for fountains made of durable material. All of our outdoor fountains are constructed of reinforced concrete. Whether you want your outdoor fountain to stand out or blend in seamlessly, our outdoor fountains are available in a variety of beautiful, weather-durable finishes.

Look for indoor fountains that feature powder coating on any metal framework. Frames should made of stone or aluminum or stainless steel. If you are planning to add live plants or fish to your fountain, indoors or out, look for an oil free, fish safe fountain.

Shopping for a water fountain is investing in your future! You’ll love the effects of having a fountain in your home or business. Create a special place to relax or entertain with one of our quick set up fountains. Shipping is free with every order. We know that our customers are careful consumers, looking for the best in quality, style, and price. Our prices are kept low and our sales are frequent! We choose our fountains for their high-quality and craftsmanship. To learn more about any of our products, see our full catalog.

For help finding the right water fountain for your home, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly water fountain experts.

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