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Doradus Nebula, The Star Nursery...A Wall Fountain

Doradus Nebula, The Star Nursery...A Wall Fountain

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Dimensions 28"W x 48"H

What you're seeing here are young ice-blue stars being born. They're only a few million years old, mere babies inside the Doradus 30 Nebula, a region in the Large Magellanic Cloud which is a satellite galaxy to our own Milky Way.

That's a mouthful to say, but these young stars are giving astronomers important information about the birth as well as the evolution of stars. All you or I really need to get from this is the grand scale of the magic of it all. Galaxies that are themselves a thousand light years across...existing like tiny pinwheels in an even grander crucible of space. Measurements of time, space, heat, distance...power quickly become impossible to conceive of. What is a hundred million degrees? How far away is a hundred million light years? When I look at these images, it is a reminder to me that there are things a bit more important than ourselves.

Anyway... This is the sort of image that has great depth, mostly because of the innate magic in back-painting, but partly because I'm slowly getting better at this. I find myself getting snookered by the images...peering into them, not at them and trying to figure it all out. This is about as philosophical as I get on my website. Apologies for that. 48" x 28"

  • Handmade

Harvey Gallery has been creating custom water fountains for the past 40 years. The Harvey Gallery specializes in the fusion of artistry with water features, crafting captivating water fountains.

Please take particular note of the backlighting that you see on some of the fountains (the little stars or glow fireflies). These optional "stars" are a new high-tech strand of LED lights that put out virtually no heat, and last for 200,000 hours.

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