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Trim Options

Choose the trim style of choice for your custom water fountain
Antique Bronze
Blackened Copper
Bronze Silverado
Copper Vein
Eurso Vein
Harvest Gold
Rustic Copper
Shimmer Gold
Silver Metallic
Silver Vein
Snow White
Textured Black
Woodland Brown
Stainless Steel

Surface Options

Choose the surface of choice for your custom water fountain
Black Featherstone
Blue Patagonia
Bronze Mirror
Chavo Travertine
Fantasia Travertine
Fantasy Brown Granite
Green Featherstone
Green Slate
Grindio Travertine
Magnifico Travertine
Multi-Color Featherstone
Multi-Color Slate
Piano Travertine
Rainforest Brown Marble
Rainforest Green Marble
Red Patagonia
Silver Mirror