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Kimono Coins, a wall fountain

Kimono Coins, a wall fountain

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This fountain is a new species of fountain for us.....rather for Pamela. What she has done is married two really different techniques into one glorious abstract fountain! What's really new and different are the two focal points, one major and one minor. If you look closely......it probably won't help at all, but those discs aren't knitted, or glued, or sewn together. They are created with a technique called, felting. It's both a very old technique, but now very new. using tiny barbed needles the actual fibers are blended together, just by pushing the barbed needle through...about four kajillion times. Ultimately, however, it has to look good. And this one pops off the screen! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Handmade

Harvey Gallery has been creating custom water fountains for the past 40 years. The Harvey Gallery specializes in the fusion of artistry with water features, crafting captivating water fountains.

Please take particular note of the backlighting that you see on some of the fountains (the little stars or glow fireflies). These optional "stars" are a new high-tech strand of LED lights that put out virtually no heat, and last for 200,000 hours.

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