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Nemo's Window, Wall Fountain

Nemo's Window, Wall Fountain

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You remember Captain Nemo and his lethal and infamous Nautilus. As a little kid, I thought it was so cool that Nemo could ram the bad guys, until I realized that Nemo was supposed to be the bad guy. I was pretty young at the time...and the Nautilus was what left the biggest impression. Later, I attempted making my own one-man submarine and then my own underwater diving bell, and then later still I created some bronze abstract sculptural submarines. Strangely, this sculpture seemed to paint itself. I had little idea what it was supposed to be...until the end. What's difficult to see in this smallish image is that when you look past the abstract, there's a complete underwater scene behind it. And I finally understood that what the sculpture was, Captain Nemo's stained glass window in the Nautilus. Hope you like it!

  • Handmade

Harvey Gallery has been creating custom water fountains for the past 40 years. The Harvey Gallery specializes in the fusion of artistry with water features, crafting captivating water fountains.

Please take particular note of the backlighting that you see on some of the fountains (the little stars or glow fireflies). These optional "stars" are a new high-tech strand of LED lights that put out virtually no heat, and last for 200,000 hours.

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