How to Add Tranquility in A Nail Salon

When guests walk through your door, how do you want them to feel? Relaxed, at ease, and peaceful, come to mind. Since we live in such a hectic world, finding time to pamper yourself and seeking tranquility can be difficult. Research shows that setting aside time for self-care, like getting a manicure, can be incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being. People are more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable in an environment that is specially set to help them recharge. How do you take an average nail salon and turn it into a space of serenity? The answer is surprisingly easy: water fountains!

Logo Wall Water Fountain

Advertising as Art

Choosing decor for a business is vital for customer satisfaction. Instead of boring prints or basic pieces, why not use your decor to enhance your client’s experience? Indoor water fountains offer both beauty and benefits. At, we offer a multitude of ways to customize a water fountain that’s exactly right for your salon or spa. Browse our collection of wall fountains and floor fountains, then select one to start customizing.

Depending on the model you select, you’ll have a choice in color, trim shape, stone selection, programmable lights, and more. Of course, the most important custom feature we offer is the custom logo. Keep your salon’s name on your client’s minds by adding your logo to your gorgeous new fountain.  We recommend placing your water fountain in your waiting area or lobby, so everyone can enjoy the peaceful waters.

The Benefits of Water Fountains

In addition to being attractive decor, indoor water fountains provide three major benefits.

Watching the repetitive bubbling, tumbling water soothes the busy mind. As the water cascades down stone, stress will begin to feel lighter. While waiting for their appointment, guests can ease into full relaxation mode.

If your nail salon is located in a shopping center, having a water fountain is even more important! The constant splashing falls work to mask the noise of traffic and other shoppers. The sound produced by water fountains is considered a pink noise. This means that listening to a water fountain can boost memory retention and even help you sleep better!

Water fountains produce negative ions, just like natural water falls.  In our day-to-day lives, we are surrounded by positive ion-producing appliances and devices. We don’t think about it much, but these machines are buzzing and humming all day long. Too much positive ion interaction can contribute to an overall feeling of being unwell, even when we’re doing everything else to take care of ourselves like eating right and exercising. It’s in the air!

When negative ions, from water fountains and other sources, are introduced to the body, stress lessens as the serotonin level in the body rises. Since water is a purifying element, water fountains act as an air purifier.

5 Tips for Tranquility

  • Clear out the clutter.
  • Play soft instrumental music
  • Offer guests a cool drink when they arrive to help them relax.
  • Use soothing cool colors, like light blue and green in your decor.
  • Place your new custom logo fountain in a central location

Outdoor water fountains have been used in gardens for centuries for ambience, beauty, and practical reasons. Today’s technology allows us to bring the precious beauty of flowing water indoors without the hassle of plumbing or construction! We believe that water fountains  should be affordable, accessible, and customizable. To order a custom logo fountain for your nail salon, chose from our collection and select the custom logo option on the menu. Our experts are available seven days a week to answer your questions.

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