Customizing Water Fountains for Your Business

Have you always wanted a custom art piece or water feature for your business? Custom art can prohibitively expensive, but customizing a water fountain is made affordable with  Whether you’re building a business from the ground up, or starting a brand new venture, a custom logo waterfall or fountain will add instant beauty to your business. Water fountains also provide a myriad of benefits, from aiding in stress relief to providing some soothing noise to mask the sounds of a busy street outside. Indoor water fountains can even help with dry office air and seasonal allergies by providing some comfortable humidity. Let stresses melt away with the relaxing splash of a custom waterfall fountain.

Bantam River Floor Water Fountain

When guests or clients step into your building they’ll first be wowed by the sparkling water fountain, but your branding will be on their mind later on. Art and advertisement go hand in hand! Rather than purchasing expensive prints from a big box store, create a custom fountain that no one else will have! We offer a range of options so you can style a water fountain to represent you and your company perfectly. Your business’ name and logo will stand center stage, especially with an artfully lit waterfall fountain.

If you already have a standard logo for your business, you’re one step ahead! If your business does not have a logo, you will need to create one. Graphic design artists have the skills to create a fantastic logo that will stand out and look good on all your materials. On our custom logo fountain order email, you will need to upload a .AI (adobe illustrator) vector file. Learn more about the order process on the commercial order page.

The next step for your custom water fountain is to choose the fountain that suits your space. Browse our collection of logo water fountains for ideas and inspiration. A floor fountain may work best in a large space, while a wall fountain is better suited to office settings, or when you want an artistic piece for the walls as well as a fountain.

Our Favorite Fountains

Whispering Creek Wall Water Fountain

Add your personal touch with surface, stone, trim, and features options. This fountain is outfitted with a light feature to shine on your business’ logo.

Tranquil River Flood Water Fountain

This floor fountain adds tranquility to any space, with a variety of creative options and high tech features. The Tranquil River Water Fountain is made in the USA.

Calming Waters Wall Water Fountain

This horizontal water fountain offers sleek beauty in a compact, wall-mounted piece. Customize with your logo, plus options for stone, trim, and more!

Each one of our fountains is crafted with care and durable materials. Your specially-made fountain will continue to add beauty and serenity as your business grows and changes. Learn how to care for your new water fountain, or browse our collection of incredible indoor/outdoor fountains for home and office. Once your custom logo fountain is complete with all the final touches, we will ship it to you for free! Free shipping and price matching are part of ‘s everyday low pricing. Rest easy knowing your fountain will arrive safely and ready to install.

Contact our sales team to create your custom logo water fountain today.

Make a Splash With Water Fountain Ideas